Building connections and strengthening families.

Through effective psychotherapy practices.



Children & Parents

Stressful events for young children include difficult divorces and sudden changes in custody, separations from loved ones, bullying, child abuse, sexual abuse and neglect, loss and mourning, exposure to a natural and man-made disasters, domestic violence, community violence and car accidents.

I can help with: 

  • mood swings

  • tantrums or aggressive behavior

  • sadness, sullenness, being tired

  • anxiety, fear, clinginess

  • avoidance or not wanting to talk

  • emotional outbursts/excessive crying



Are you missing the connection you once had?  Perhaps you're facing co-parenting challenges?  Are you having the same fight over and over?  Maybe you and your partner's cultural differences make it seem almost impossible to see eye to eye?

I can help you with:

  • communication issues

  • intimacy

  • co-parenting

  • cross cultural differences



multiracial & cultural individuals

Looking for a therapist of color that can understand your struggle?  Are you looking to successfully navigate your work environment, extended family gatherings, or, let's face it, the world, without losing your cool?  Perhaps you would like to explore aspects of your cultural background in a loving and non-judgmental environment?

With my vast training in, and personal experience of, multicultural and multiracial issues, I can help people navigate their own process of self-discovery in a safe, non-judgmental and affirmative setting.